December 24, 2009

Women are as much villainous as men

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Assume that 2 MEN drag a WOMAN in road or quarrel with her, other people who are watching that will stop them. The public will feel that those men are harassing that women and they might cause harm to her.

Similarly if 2 MEN drag a MAN in road or quarrel with him, public will still stop them and mediate them to resolve the issue.

But, If a WOMEN drag another WOMAN in road or quarrel with her, public will not object.

Similarly if a WOMEN drag a MAN in road or quarrel with him, then public will simply watch and enjoy the fun, they will not interrupt. This is the mentality of general public that thinks that no woman can do mistake. This is the psychological thinking of public. Two women in Bangalore took this psychological thinking as an advantage and they kidnapped another woman and forced her to prostitution.

On Nov 25, two women in Bangalore kidnapped a girl in broad day light and forced her to prostitution…


After reading this article in Times of India, atleast now, public should change their mindset that not every woman is Holy.



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