December 24, 2009

Secrecy around the selection process of judges was not unique to India – CJI

This is what our Chief Justice of India tells in the wake of his recent request to our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to protect the judiciary from comman man’s whistle – The Right to Information Act 2005. Apparently our Chief Justice is not comfortable with the queries raised by the common man using this Act. He feels that the public are intruding into the Judicial system and causing erosion of judicial independence. This has made our government to make changes and take off the freedom of the common man to ask questions.


Any change to the Right to Information Act 2005 is a serious threat to the freedom of common man, a serious threat to democracy.

Is this Act being misused in any way?
Do we really need changes to the current Right to Information Act 2005?
Is this Act really a threat to the judiciary or for that matter any department?
Are these questions of common man can really erode the independence of our system, if so to what extent?
Does our CJI has a case to change this Act?

Let’s start the discussion now… I welcome you to please comment on these questions…

Any common man approches any department with an application under Right to Information Act 2005 with an intention to collect information for various reasons – It could be out of curiosity, or he wants to know the status of any application that he made to any department, or he wanted to know about the statistics in a particular department which he can use to expose the government’s or any bearucrat’s or any department’s false claims.

Like the exaggerated data claimed by the Women & Child Development ministry regarding the violence against women and the evil of Dowry system. Many people who made applications under this Act to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) have shown the paltry genuine cases and exposed the false claims made by the ministry for obviuos reasons of its survival, for want of exorbiant funds to be eaten up by the ministry, the bureaucrats, the women organizations, etc.,

This Act in more than one way has empowered the common man.

The claims of CJI that chronic litigants are troubling the system is a vague statement no backed up by any data. He doesn’t have any case to claim a change in the Act. CJI is asking for more independence, he is unwilling to bring transparency into the system which is a matter of concern. We have barged into the 21st centuary by flying high the flags of democracy, we cannot go back to red ribbon raj days…

I welcome you to put forward your comments on these questions…



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