December 24, 2009

Legalizing prostitution – A social catastrophe.

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This is the most horrible news I ever read… How can an Apex body like Hon’ble Supreme court make such a statement…


Legalizing prostitution??? come on… what does SC wants??? Does it want to exploit innocent women who are living happily with their families???

I really don’t understand how it will save the young innocent girls by legalizing the prostitution…

Legalizing prostitution, will create a social catastrophe. Men will not marry women… they will just use the prostitutes. which results in women who want to live in a marriage left with less options.
Women will not marry, they will take this as a career… this will result in men who want to live in a marriage left with less options.

It will create a medical hazard… people will suffer with more veneral dieseases.

Supreme Court has commited a gross error in giving an economic angle into a social problem. Prostitution is a social issue not an economical issue. In US & UK more and more women are taking up prostitution even though they are economically well-off and even though they have social security provided… They are turning to prostitution, because it is easy money there…

Of course, uplifting the people BPL is a priority, but that in no way help in eradicating this social issue of prostitution…

To solve the issue of prostitution, we need to bring a social change… change in the mindsets of people… change the life styles of the people.. making them social security to people and social happiness…

On one side more and more families are getting divided because of increasing number of divorces, misue of law by women using acts like dowry… The court cases take years to resolve making these sex starved people go to prostitues for fulfilling their needs…

I don’t understand on how it will benefit our society by legalizing the prostitution…
Please give your comments…


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